Do you struggle with tics or Tourette's syndrome?

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Kognito er en av få private klinikker som tilbyr behandling for tics og Tourettes syndrom.

Do you want to understand more about what tics are and what treatment we can offer? Read this interview with our psychologist Petter Espeseth Emhjellen:

Tics treatment

Why did you become interested in tics?

"When I started working with adults and adolescents with tics and Tourette syndrome, I quickly discovered that there are far too few who offer non-drug treatment for tics. This appeared to be a paradox, as both the research literature and my own experience show that psychological tics treatment works for a great many people! Tic treatment is one of the most rewarding things I do as a psychologist. That's because you can often see a clear benefit from the treatment after a short time."

What are tics?

"Tics are involuntary movements (motor tics) or sounds (vocal tics). People with Tourette syndrome have both motor and vocal tics. Many experience recovery from tics when they become adults, while others continue to be troubled. Some people experience tics as socially inhibiting. Tics can also cause pain and other bodily ailments. In such cases, you can get better with tic-control training."

What does the treatment consist of?

"Tic-controlling training (in English Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics) is a behavioral psychological treatment method that aims to reduce tics or how troublesome they are. Many studies have shown that the method works well. Tic-controlling exercise can be a good alternative or supplement to medication, which for some may have insufficient effect and side effects. 

The treatment is that you get help to practice countermovements that should make you get less tics (called habit reversal training, HRT). We will also work with action strategies and ways of thinking that make tics less problematic in daily life. Together, we will arrive at how many hours you want to come and what will be the focus. That you are motivated to practice the techniques between classes is one of the most important things for the treatment to be successful." 

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Dersom du ønsker hjelp til plagsomme tics, eller kun samtaler om det å ha tics eller Tourettes syndrom, kan du bestille time hos psykolog Petter Espeseth Emhjellen. Velg individulaterapi for voksne, deretter Petter Emhjellen som behandler. Om det ikke kommer opp noen ledige timer, kan du sende en epost til Petter Emhjellen.

  • Treatment of motor and vocal tics through psychological methods
  • Treatment through tics control training (CBIT)
  • Learn to master habit reversal training
  • Get help from a psychologist with experience and good results

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