Take a course in cognitive therapy for low self-esteem

Neeta Myrseth Parmar is a trained child protection educator with further training in cognitive therapy. She has run a private practice as a cognitive therapist since 2010 and has a particular focus on anxiety, depression and self-esteem in conversations. Myrseth Parmar is a sought-after lecturer in the field and often holds courses for other therapists. On the topic of "Self-esteem", she has developed simple and intuitively good tools for self-development.

Self-development course - Give your self-esteem a service

2 course evenings – 6 group meetings

Neeta Parmar

Course schedule

The course is set up twice, on 10 and 24 January. You can then sign up for group meetings, which then take place over 6 times. You can decide on this after you have attended the two course evenings. You cannot join a group directly without having completed the course first.

Course evening 1 - 10 January at 17-20

Cognitive diamond 

Understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, body and behaviour

Course evening 2 – 24 January at 17-18.30

Self-esteem - self-worth 

Understand what sustains low self-esteem

Group meeting 1 – 31 January

Concern – Diamond

Learn how to worry less

Group meeting 2 – 14 February

Self-criticism – The meeting table

Learn how to nuance your thoughts about yourself

Group meeting 3 – 28 February

Compassion – Ideal role model

Learn how to manage your difficult emotions

Group meeting 4 – 14 March

Coping strategies – Breaking patterns

Learn how to break your inappropriate behavior patterns

Group meeting 5 – 28 March

Signature Strengths – Positive Diary

Learn how to speak up for yourself

Group meeting 6 – 11 April

Self-worth – New perspective

Learn how to adopt a different attitude towards yourself