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Here follows a presentation about our employees and what each individual works with and has relevant education and experience.

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Celin Ringseth

Celine Ringseth


Celin has a degree in psychology from the University of Copenhagen. Has specialization in cognitive therapy and further education in stress and trauma psychology. Authorized in TRE (Trauma Release Exercise). Qualified yoga/meditation teacher and holds lectures and courses in stress management and life guidance.

Several years of experience from the emergency department, child and youth psychiatric department (BUP) and geriatric psychiatric outpatient clinic at Akershus University Hospital. Worked for the last five years in private practice.

Offers talk therapy for a wide range of psychological challenges. This includes, among other things, depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout and cohabitation problems.

Published the book "The Breeding Pig - a romance novel" summer 2021. 

Celin works at our clinic in Rosenkrantz' gate, and also offers online therapy.

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Frode Molnes

Frode Molnes

Specialist in Clinical Psychology

Frode is a trained psychologist at the University of Oslo and a specialist in clinical adult psychology. Worked in mental health care since 2013. In addition, has experience in treating children and parent guidance. 

Gained broad experience with the investigation and treatment of various mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma disorders, sleep problems, relationship difficulties, grief and life crises, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, developmental disorders, as well as other conditions with additional physical symptoms.

Has a holistic approach to therapy, which is based on both the person, body and life situation. Particular interest in affect theory and the central role of emotions in self-experience and relational relationships, where issues of shame often have a central importance. 

Offers psychotherapy with both an affect-focused and cognitive approach. Can also offer EMDR treatment (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) or other trauma-specific methods if desired. 

Preoccupied with helping the individual to mobilize resources within themselves and their surroundings. Has experience with interdisciplinary collaboration, worked with coordination and collaboration with various agencies such as district services within mental health and GP offices.    

Offers both individual treatment, couples therapy and family therapy. 

Frode works at our office in Nobels gate 16A.

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Hanne Storvik

Hanne Terese Storvik

Manager / Cognitive Therapist

Born in 1973. Qualified nurse and has worked in mental healthcare since 1995. Has experience from Rogaland Psychiatric Hospital, Mental Health Team, psychosis outpatient clinic at Oslo University Hospital. Relative work at PIO.

Further education in interdisciplinary mental health. More further education in cognitive therapy. Supervisor and teacher in cognitive therapy. Has Sexology from the University of Agder and is also a NACS approved clinician. Now studying the Gottman couples therapy method. 

Hanne talks to people with various types of disorders such as anxiety (generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorder and social phobia), depression, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Many struggle with problems related to self-image and body, as well as difficulties with relationships and living together. That is why she offers both individual therapy and family therapy. 

She gives lectures, teaches and is a supervisor.

Hanne works at our clinic in Håndverkergården in Rosenkrantz' gate 7 in central Oslo

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Lars Fodstad

Lars Fodstad

Specialist in Clinical Psychology

Qualified psychologist at the University of Aalborg in 2007. Worked in mental healthcare since 2008, as well as 3 years at the Alternative to Violence Foundation. Psychologist specialist in 2015. Has since 2016 worked as a clinician and manager in mental health care. 

Has worked with cognitive therapy since he started as a psychologist and also has further education in mentalization-based therapy. In addition to the clinical work, Fodstad has worked for several years with counselling, psychoeducation and psychological guidance of youth and young adults. 

Fodstad has gained experience in treating a wide range of psychological problems such as burnout, anxiety disorders (social withdrawal, panic disorder and generalized anxiety), challenges related to the body and self-image, depression, stress and stress disorders, relationship and cohabitation problems, aggression and anger management, burnout, life crises and grief. 

Lars works at our clinic in Håndverkergården in Rosenkrantz' gate 7 in central Oslo

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Sten-Rune Roland

Stone-Rune Roland

Specialist in Clinical Psychology

Sten-Rune was born in 1970 and comes from Nordland. He is educated in Bergen and has worked as a psychologist for 20 years. He has been a specialist in clinical psychology since 2009.

Sten-Rune is a trained supervisor in cognitive therapy, and has helped train many doctors and psychologists in cognitive therapy. He is also trained in schema therapy, a form of therapy that is well suited for long-term personality difficulties.

Sten-Rune works with most psychological difficulties in children and young people. He has extensive managerial experience and currently works as manager of Vangsseter, a rehabilitation center for people with substance abuse problems. He also has clinical practice at Oslo Psykologsenter.

Sten-Rune works at our clinic in Håndverkergården at Rosenkrantz' gate 7 in central Oslo in the evenings.

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Liv Barnett

Liv Barnett

Specialist in Neuropsychology

Liv graduated as a psychologist in 1998 and specialized in neuropsychology in 2006. She has 25 years of experience in neuropsychological work in the specialist health service. Liv offers neuropsychological assessment of adults and the elderly who experience cognitive difficulties and functional impairment. 

She has worked with learning difficulties, neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, acquired brain damage, memory difficulties and dementia, and degenerative disorders (including Huntinton's disease).

Liv works on Wednesdays in the evenings at our clinic in Nobels gate 16 A.

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Petter Emhjellen


Petter has a degree in psychology from the University of Oslo. 

At the Oslo Psychological Center, Petter mainly works with neuropsychological assessment of adults. He has particular experience from working with developmental disorders, such as learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders/Asperger's syndrome, ADHD and tics/Tourette's syndrome (including HRT treatment). He also has experience from working with other neurological and neuropsychological conditions in adults.

Petter works on Wednesdays in the evenings at our clinic in Nobels gate 16A.

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Ane Rogne

Ane Rogne

Specialist in Neuropsychology

Ane is a trained psychologist at the University of Bergen and is a specialist in clinical neuropsychology. 

Broad experience in neuropsychological work with acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities, developmental disorders and neuropsychiatric conditions. Worked for several years within the habilitation service at Oslo University Hospital and rehabilitation at Sunnaas Hospital. Experience from work in a special unit in NAV with complicated work capacity assessments.  

Contributed to textbooks, several research articles and popular science articles in neuroscience. 

Ane also has experience in the treatment of various forms of psychological ailments, burnout and sleep disorders. Works within different therapy methods such as cognitive therapy and metacognitive therapy. 

Offers both assessment and treatment of adults within neuropsychological issues and talk therapy aimed at other issues.

Ane works 50% at our clinic in Nobels gate 16A.

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Psykiater Simona Eskeland

Simona Eskeland

Specialist in psychiatry

Psychiatrist Simona Eskeland works at the Oslo Psykologsenter mainly in the afternoons. Eskeland assists with medication assessments for conditions such as depression, ADHD and more.

Simona Eskeland became an authorized doctor in 2005 and worked for a few years as a general practitioner before she began specializing in psychiatry in 2009. She became a specialist/senior doctor in 2014. She has worked in outpatient clinics and 24-hour shifts in Oslo. She has taken two years of cognitive therapy training and is in the 4th year of group therapy training at the Institute for Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy. She has extensive experience in psychopharmacology and assists with medication assessments for conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

Simona works on Monday evenings in Rosenkratz´gate and has video consultations on Thursdays from 6-8pm.

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Bernt Lundby

Specialist in Clinical Psychology

Bernt was born in 1974. He has been a psychologist for almost 20 years.

He has studied at the University of Oslo. He is a specialist in clinical adult psychology.

Bernt has experience in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of mental disorders and challenges such as depression, stress and strain, acute crises, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety, worry and brooding, relationship difficulties, cohabitation problems, aggression and anger management.

He is direct and has a relaxed, informal style that treats and quickly establishes security. He is specialized in, and has extensive experience with, cognitive therapy (traditional cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, metacognitive therapy, response prevention training, etc).

Bernt works on Tuesdays in the evenings at our clinic in Nobels gate 16A.

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Our history

Oslo Psykologsenter is run by Kognito AS. We were started in 2015 by psychologist specialist Henrik Riekeles Vik and philosophical practitioner Thomas Bernhard Thiis Evensen. In 2017, psychologist specialist Sten-Rune Roland and psychiatric nurse and sexologist Hanne Terese Storvik became co-owners of the company.

Today, Oslo Psykologsenter is a company that mainly offers psychological services from specialists with extensive experience from previous public sector activities. We offer services in most areas of mental health problems; for adults, children and young people, for couples and families. We offer one to one therapy, couples therapy and soon group therapy. We offer investigative expertise vis-à-vis NAV. We offer neuropsychological examination in relation to ADHD, Apserger's syndrome, general abilities, memory and other things. In addition, there will be courses and seminars. We also have sexological competence at a high level. We also offer occupational health services and currently collaborates with Diakonhjemmet hospital.

We want to be a psychological center with a wide range of services that has a high degree of professionalism and with extensive experience among our employees.

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