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  • De fleste tjenester som terapi, sexologi, nevropsykolog (ikke testing) og psykiater
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videoterapi ved Oslo Psykologsenter

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Du som pasient må ta initiativ til å starte konsultasjonen. Du gjør det ved å trykke på lenken du har fått på melding / epost, eller direkte inne fra Pasientsky appen. Vent så på at din behandler svarer i andre enden. Du mottar betalingslenke på melding etter timen.


Video therapy

Studies have shown that you get approximately the same treatment effect from video therapy as traditional face-to-face therapy in the office.

We also offer most of our services via video. The exception is for some investigative work, such as a neuropsychological investigation, where you have to be in the room to carry out testing.

You will be sent a personal link ahead of the online consultation. Alternatively, you can click on the name of your therapist above. After this, you accept the use of the microphone and camera in the browser, and the class is underway.

We use a Norwegian video service, Whereby. This is easy to use and encrypted end to end.

What is suitable for video processing?

  • Anxiety disorders. Including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia, health anxiety and obsessive thoughts and actions (OCD).
  • Depressive states
  • Stress and strain disorders
  • Self-image difficulties
  • Cohabitation problems
  • Sexual difficulties. This can be very suitable, as many find it easier to be open about sexual problems via video calls than face-to-face conversations.

What is not suitable for video processing?

More serious themes such as severe depression, suicidal thoughts or desires. The same applies to problems with psychosis, bipolar disorder or a serious eating disorder. Video therapy will offer too little support and protection for such topics. This usually requires close follow-up, and preferably by several services. Contact your local DPS or emergency room for follow-up.

Otherwise worth knowing

Although video therapy means less time spent traveling to a psychologist's office, this too must be planned. You should, among other things, sit somewhere where you won't be distracted or where someone can overhear your conversation.