Bedriftshelse ved Kognito

  • Tegn avtale for psykisk helsehjelp for deres ansatte
  • Prioritert oppfølging av kompetente psykologer og psykiater
  • Rus, stressmestring, krisehåndtering, tilpasningsvansker
  • Vi møter på bedriften ved behov, om praktisk mulig

We offer your company follow-up regarding mental health

Our therapists have many years of experience in occupational health work, including at Stamina Health.

We can offer individual therapeutic counseling for your employees, within work-related problems. Stress, cooperation problems and conflict management. We can assist with difficult employee interviews

Fixed connection.

With a permanent psychologist connection, it is possible to get professional assistance at short notice, before the situation escalates and, for example, ends with sick leave.

By offering a permanent psychologist in the company, you also help the individual to avoid looking for help themselves, which can be demanding in a phase where you are having a hard time.

  • Quick access to a psychologist in "acute phases"
  • Possibility to prevent sick leave by offering psychological assistance before the situation becomes too demanding.
  • Access to a "permanent" psychologist who over time knows the management and company culture.
  • Access to psychological services such as employee follow-up, therapy, guidance and counseling in relation to work conflicts and other things.
  • No fixed costs. The company only pays for the use of services
  • Flexible services - possibility of psychological assistance at the workplace, via telephone or video conference, or at the psychologist's office.

Safeguarding their most important resource

The employees are the company's most important resource. Strains in private life or at work can often have major consequences. The result can be burnout and other stress-related ailments. Examples are sleep and concentration difficulties, anxiety and depression, excessive use of alcohol, drugs or medication. Often the individual ends up going to the GP, where they are registered sick.